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Greatest grandad sweet mix bouquet

Price: 24.99 GBP

Father’s Day Maltesers bouquet

Price: 24.99 GBP

Father’s Day toblerone bouquet

Price: 29.99 GBP

Father’s Day chocolate orange bouquet

Price: 27.99 GBP

Liquorice bouquet

Price: 27.99 GBP
Contains box of maynards liquorice allsorts, bag of maynards liquorice allsorts, Lions liquorice gums x2, panda mint flavour liquorice x2, panda liquorice bar x4

Football team chocolate bouquets

Price: 22.99 GBP
Contains 13 various chocolate bars (will vary) Any football team can be made Leave me a message in comment box at checkout which team you would like

free from chocolate bouquet

Price: 27.99 GBP
made using asdas free from range of chocolates

Father's Day Retro sweets Bouquet

Price: 24.99 GBP
Contains sweet champion selection box, 2 bags of sweet champion chews, 2 sherbet fountains, 2 refreshers, dip dab, a super dad Keyring.

Father's Day Toblerone chocolate bouquet

Price: 26.99 GBP
Contains 150g Toblerone, 2 snickers, 2 toffee crisps, 2 lion bars, 2 boosts, 3 diam bars, 1 rolos.

Father's Day midget gems filled bottle

Price: 12.99 GBP
Milkshake bottle filled with midget gems Complete with Father's Day tag

Father's Day Chocolate limes bottle

Price: 12.99 GBP
Milkshakes bottle containing chocolate limes Complete with Father's Day tag